Trained and Certified in

"The Shepherd Method " of Strand-by-Strand

Nit Removal

{of lice and their nits}



We are your local lice removal professionals. We offer proven safe & effective methods and products for the elimination of lice and their eggs.

People everywhere are turning to lice removal companies for help. We are happy to be a part of a growing solution to a common problem. Make sure you are using a company CERTIFIED in "The Shepherd Method" of Lice and Nit Removal. They must have a seal like ours on their webpage. Find one in your area here

Our company provides same-day,

in-office lice and nit removal

services using The Shepherd

Institute's guaranteed,

strand-by-strand method. You get

accurate, up-to-date information

on lice and the products promising to remove them. We use proven safe and effective products to treat and prevent head lice. This is done in our kid-friendly “salon” while they watch a movie or their favorite TV show!

We also offer common sense advice for "ridding your home of lice". Most important is the fact that lice do not live in your home. They live on your head and the heads of your closest contacts.

Visit our Lice Relief store for do-it-yourself products including: non-toxic shampoo, conditioner, treatment mousse, repellant mint spray, repellant detangling spray, lice combs, and camp repellant kits for kids!

Head lice must be treated. It does not go away on its own!